Hanger Kits

Tail Light Right or Left    

Spring Latch

Single Axel fender Back    

A - Fram jack    

3500lb Brake Hub

5 on 4.5 Brake Hub       

5 on 4.75 Brake Hub     

5 on 5 Brake Hub          

5 on 5.5 Brake Hub       

6 Lug Brake Hub           


Safety Tip

Shackle Bolts   3500lbs

3500 lb Inner    

3500 lb Outer   

5200 lb Inner    

5200 lb Outer   

7000 lb Inner    

7000 lb Outer   

Single Axel Hanger kit    


Inspect and tighten your lug nuts often.

5200lb Idler Hub

6 Lug Idler Hub      

5200 lb Brake Hub

6 Lug Brake Hub     

Bottom Plate for Jack  

Dust Covers

3500 lb Idler               

3500 lb Idler Dexter   

3500 lb Brake            

5200 lb Brake            

7000 lb Brake            


Safety Tip

Safety Chains & Jacks

Gravely Trailers has a Free Preventive maintenance for the life of the trailer. 

3 Light-Light Bar     



Safety Tip

2" A-Frame Coupler 5K    

Jack Wheel    

How to Measure your Axel

Bearing Kits
Brake Backing Plates 

Don't get caught in the dark, Call us 

for all your lighting needs.


2" A-frame Coupler 8K   

Safety Chains    

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Apache Junction, AZ 85120

3500lb Hubs

5 on 4.5      Idler hub      

5 on 4.45    Idler Hub     

5 on 5         Idler Hub     

5 on 5.5      Idler Hub     

6 Lug          Idler Hub     

Bearing Axel Kit will Include 

1 Inner Bearing

1 Outer Bearing

1 Rear Seal

1 Cotter Pin

1 Castle Nut

1 Washer

1 Inner Race

1 Outer Race

1 Dust Cap

3500 lb Bearing Kit    

5200 lb Bearing Kit    

7000 lb Bearing Kit    


Safety Tip

Single Axel Fender    

2" A-Frame Bulldog Coupler   

Always check your bearing grease before you use you trailer.


Brake Assembly / Backing Plate 

3500 lb Right   10"     

3500 lb Left     10"     

5200 lb Right   12"     

5200 lb Left      12"     

7000 lb Right    12"     

7000 lb Left      12"     


3500lbs Short, Medium or Long

3500 lb Idler Axel       $ Call

3500 lb Brake Axle     $ Call

5200 lb Idler Axle       $ Call

5200 lb Brake Axle     $ Call

7000 lb Brake Axle     $ Call

(480) 984-4088


2000 lb Seal    

3500 lb Seal   

5200 lb Seal    

7000 lb Seal    

10,000 lb Oil Bath      

3/4" marker light  Red or Amber     

Don't overload your trailer. It will cost you time and money. Overloading a trailer, can and will 

cause damage to your tires, hubs, axle, and frame. This will also void your warranty.

Check your tires to see when they were made . If your tire is older than 3-5 years, be sure to check the trailer tire for dry-rot as it may be time to replace your trailer tires. Also, be sure and check that the tread is in good shape. Please take a look at our Trailer Tire Options if it is time for your's to be replaced. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank You.

Tandem Axel Fender    

Heavy Duty Safety Chain    

Safety Tips

Tandem Axel Haner Kits    


Tandem Axel Fender Back    

Gravely Trailer 

Wheel Studs

7K Lbs Jack   

2000 lb Dust Cover    

3500 lb Dust Cover    

5200 lb Dust Cover    

7000 lb Dust Cover    

10,000 lb Oil Bath      

Gravely's has the axle to fit your needs.

We stock the industries standard sizes so your tailer can be back on the road as soon as possible.

2 5/16" A-Frame Bulldog Coupler    


(480) 984-4088

Always Check your tire air pressure before using your trailer.

Gate Spring Latch      

7000 lb Brake Hub

‚Äč7000 lb Brake Hub